Alfred Workflow - Open in Textmate 2

With Alfred 2 Workflows, I can set up keywords that trigger actions or sets of actions that work with standard Alfred functionality, like file search and parsing. One of its only annoyances so far was that there was no way to add to the File Actions menu so that I could open a file or folder in specifically Textmate 2 - it worked for its defaults, but not new filetypes or folders. So, I made one.

My default editor is Textmate 2, but in the workflow settings it can be easily configured to use any text editor.

It accepts folders as well, which open as a project in Textmate 2. Helps my workflow tremendously.

(I'm also using this this to test out how easy it is for me to share and distribute files using Squarespace's CMS. If this little thing goes well, I'll use it to add more in the future.)