Facebook phone rumors resurface with "new home on Android" event

...so they're redesigning their Android app.

I don't think they're going the route of making their own custom OS, not because that wouldn't be a good idea, but because they wouldn't annouce it at an event talking about Android. It would be a Facebook event, talking about Facebook on a phone, that happens to run Android.

Think of the Kindle Fire event - they were talking about Amazon services on a tablet, that coincidentally could run Android apps. They mentioned Android once, maybe twice. I think if Facebook desices to go that route, they'll take a similar approach.

So they're redesigning their Android app, probably throwing in a few widgets to make it real nice. Remember, the guys over there have been in a "eat your own dog food" program for a few months now, after they left their Android app to languish and gave up UX control of their mobile platform to the phone-makers. Who knows what they came up with?

Big shit, as far as I'm concerned.