Apple's 2013: Introduction

Hindsight is 20/20, and it's really easy to say "I called it," or, "Of course they did that" after the fact. This is especially the case with Apple and their product announcements, as the first reaction upon being presented with something intuitive is to say "of course it was made like that, how could it be made any other way!"

It's because of this, and the fact that Apple has been strangely silent for all of Q1 2013 (leaving room for even more intense speculation than usual) that I'd like to get my predictions for the year out of the way, so we can see how things unfold and I can have a realistic barometer on which to base my impressions.

I'm going to separate this into a series of posts, one for each product line Apple has, with the last being the wildcard (for new products like a TV or an iWatch, etc.). I'll start with the King, move down to the greater and lesser princes, and finally to all the potential cardinals, eyeing greedily the throne... and the spotlight.