Watch 'Upstream Color,' the new film from 'Primer' director Shane Carruth, online now | The Verge

Upstream Color, the beautiful and acclaimed indie sci-fi film from Primer director Shane Carruth, is still showing in a few theaters, but it's now available for everyone as a download or DVD. Carruth has released Upstream Color for download on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play; while it's $14.99 on these sites, you can also spend $5 more for a DRM-free stream or download through his studio's site. A combination DVD / Blu-ray bundle is also for sale, with access to the download included.

 The amount of time theaters have exclusive access to a movie before it's available for download should be days, not months.  Carruth has it right, and I am going to vote for this with my money.  

That, and I'm really excited to see this.  Watched Primer twice last week. I think I might have a problem.