Pre-WWDC: The Scorecard

What would a multinational company's press event be without an attempt to predict its outcome, amirite??

Today, as per my Apple's 2013 posts, here's what we'll see;

  • New MacBook Pro's, Airs and rMBP's with Haswell chips. All on sale starting today.
  • Elimination of the MacBook Pro line and Standardization of the rMBP.
  • New Mac Pro, updated specs. On sale today.
  • Introduction of OS X 10.9: Lynx. Increased sharing features, Siri, hundreds of feature enhancements. Design enhancements as well: flatter, less textured design. New system font (goodbye Lucida Grande.) DP today, scheduled for August.
  • iOS 7. New design language, improvements to core services, AirDrop for iOS (for easy sharing to/from OS X), speed improvements. DP Today, release for "Fall" (code for Oct/Nov.)
  • Nothing for TV, Watches, or new iPhones or iPads.

That's what we'll see: the question is, for the industry, what will it mean?

John Gruber says it will be nothing short of a new generation of mobile devices: an ushering in of solutions to new problems and a closed door of problems previously solved. I think, when it comes to what we're going to think looking back on this from the future, that he's going to be right - this was the year where Apple and tech companies as a whole took the training wheels off and felt like they could play a little with the touchscreen HMI.

This, of course, means we're going to be short on direct, user-facing features, which means contemporary tech journalists will weep. The mainstream press will lap it up because this will actually look noticably different than iOS 6 and thus innovation.

I'm very excited. In the end, it's because i'm a big fan fo Jony Ive, and no matter whether or not he gets up on stage and says a word (he's notoriously stage-averse), this is going to be his show.