Halliburton to plead guilty to destroying evidence in BP spill

In a startling turn in the three-year-old criminal investigation, Halliburton said that on two occasions during the oil spill, it directed employees to destroy or “get rid of” simulations that would have helped clarify how to assign blame for the blowout — and possibly focused more attention on Halliburton’s role.

"...that would have helped clarify how to assign blame"  is a nice touch, especially when you mean "clarify it" as in "direct it toward Halliburton" and "focused more attention" as in "directly expose negligence and mismanagement".  Way to let them off the hook, Washington Post - they really deserved a break after the tough day they've had.

They're going to get a $200,000 fine and "probation" for three years. I have no idea how you put a company on probation, but I bet it's similar in effectiveness to putting a 26 year old boy in time-out over the phone.

If the government isn't going to hold Halliburton accountable, and the press isn't going to hold Halliburton accountable even when they admit guilt, and they don't make a consumer facing product to refuse or boycott, who will hold them accountable?

I would have said the fish and wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico, but they took care of that.