Samsung's GS4 focusing its performance on what really matters: Benchmarks for Spec

The risk of doing nothing is that we end up in an arms race between all of the SoC and device makers where non-insignificant amounts of time and engineering effort is spent on gaming the benchmarks rather than improving user experience. Optimizing for user experience is all that’s necessary, good benchmarks benefit indirectly - those that don’t will eventually become irrelevant.

What they're doing here is limiting their CPU/GPU speed for average use (not a bad idea: Apple does it too, it lengthens life and reduces power consumption) but removing that limit  when it's running many of the popular benchmark suites (suites that are meant to quantify performance) in order to show a higher score.  

If there is a list of reasons why specs and benchmarks don't matter, this just shot up to #1 with a bullet - they no longer accurately reflect real world performance because the device makers prep for them.