More Self-Indulgent Prose Regarding Today's Event

Sunday was football day, which found me in three different places, prone, watching at least 30 football games, some concurrently, some given the full measure of their grandeur in full screen uninterrupted display. My companions vaired in both the locus of their support and their emotional climax: some victorious, some tensely relieved, some dejectedly defeated.

I've never been a huge football fan, unless there's a period of time I can't remember in my youth where I was passionate about these things. I can enjoy watching a game: I appreciate competition and sportsmanship as much as the next guy.

However, I'm a nerd, and throughout the celebration and grief and intensity of Sunday I had one inescapable thought:

My team's going to win on Tuesday.

As technology and their benefactors have entered pop culture and CEO's and SVP's of Design have become celebrities, lines inevitably were drawn and sides were taken. The period of the fanboy began, in an instant ratcheting up and infantilizing the debate, a debate which, if it existed, never contained the malice it contains now.

People viewing this event in that context might think that, regarding my previous statement, my "team" is Apple, Inc. Although I do follow them, and have a high regard for their products, their business and their engineering philosophy, that's not to whom I was referring.

I'm a nerd. My team is the future.