Reeder 2

After Google Reader shut down (or, more directly, after Google killed Google Reader) I looked for a replacement RSS aggregator and syncing service. I only had one requirement: on my iPhone, I had to be able to use Reeder.

Reeder on my iPhone is without a doubt the app I spend the most time in, and that was also true on the Mac until Google Reader died. If 90% of the sites I read had a responsive design with a well laid out mobile version, I wouldn't know.

Reeder just hit 2.0 with a new universal app for iPhone and iPad. It's wonderful, and it's fully iOS7-ready for an even better reading and browsing experience. Plus, there's an added level of playfulness throughout the UI. If you use RSS, read news or blogs, or appreciate content brought to you in a pleasing, easy-to-read format, check this app out.

Buy it here.