iMac Updated - My Hits and Misses

The link in the title is to the Apple's 2013: Desktops article I wrote back in April (unless it takes over the PourOver feed again, in which case it'll be at the bottom until i figure out what the hell is going on with that thing). I correctly guessed that the iMacs would wait until desktop Haswell chips from Intel, and that they'd get new Graphics hotness as well (the Intel's are called the Iris Pro, and get pushed aside by new NVIDIA cards further up the line.) I also guessed that they'd get 802.11ac in a later article, and that turned out to be right too. They were all easy guesses considering the stability of that platform.

What I got wrong was that I thought they would get rid of the standard HDD and offer Fusion or SSD only. They didn't. Im guessing the reason that happened is that next year's iMac will be redesigned to get rid of that hump where the hard drive sits by getting rid of the hard drive.

I'm possibly in the market for one of these, and I'd never curse a spinning disk on it. It would be a hard sell, but I think i'd forego Fusion to move to SSD only, especially with that new PCIe Flash they're using.