What kind of success is good enough anymore?

From "Elon Musk to embark on US cross country road trip, Tesla-style" (bolding is mine)- 

As Tesla rolled out its Superchargers on the West Coast and East Coast, the company offered road trip test drives to various journalists. The most famous of these was a negative one from the New York Times, which Elon Musk attacked for being inaccurate and disingenuous. Model S owners, of course, have done these road trip drives, too, and the vast majority of Model S owners are fans that rave about their cars and driving them (not unlike Apple fanboys).

Now that there are more Superchargers across the middle of the country, the Tesla cross country road trip is doable, too. ...

With Musk taking this journey, he’s likely trying to show that the Tesla road trip is the real deal, and not something for early adopters and EV enthusiasts. Musk is also well-known for innovating with Tesla’s services to create an Apple-style cult customer experience. No doubt, traveling 3,200 miles in the Model S across country will give him some ideas for how to make the road trip experience better.

So, here are the facts;

  1. Elon Musk is planning on making a cross country trip in an electric car using an EV-charging infrastructure he built.   
  2. This is a feat that, once impossible, is now possible and even likely, even for skeptics, based on Musk's work.
  3. Elon Musk created a company to build these cars and these charging stations, and this company is popular and profitable.
  4. The people who drive Tesla cars are often outspoken in their support and promotion of said cars. 
  5. This sort of vaguely sounds like Apple, so fuck Tesla. 

Seriously. Take every Apple reference from the article and read it again. Not only do you come away with exactly the same facts about what's going on, but you actually come away with a better, more positive view of Musk and Tesla.  

So why shit on him? As far as I can tell, his only crime is making products that are great. The reaction of consumers to them is the only reaction reasonable to expect for a great product.

That doesn't sound like something we should be trying to cool down.