In Trouble

Regarding the Microsoft Surface ad that ran approximately 100 times yesterday during football coverage;

That ad deeply disturbed me.

Not because it was an ad contrasting another product with an Apple product and pointing out its flaws, because I'm not a zealot and insulting an Apple product doesn't hurt my feelings.

Not because it meant to suggest that the Surface was better because it had a USB port or a kickstand, which is kind of like contrasting a Dodge Grand Caravan with a Challenger with the fact that it has a built-in carseat.

Not even because every time Microsoft does it's little clicky keyboard cover routine I'm either reminded of the 30-second video Apple made when it introduced its Smart Cover at least a year before Microsoft took the whole concept, aped it (and arguably made it worse), and made it the main marketing point of their tablet, or the iPad Keyboard Dock Apple introduced alongside the original iPad in 2010 that allowed an iPad to come with a keyboard attachment, but they discontinued because no one wanted it.

No, it disturbed me because I like Microsoft; I like the company and its products and I want it to succeed. The world needs a Microsoft, as much as it needs a Google and an Apple and an Amazon - someone needs to be in the business of charging money for software and helping businesses, because if they don't, it doesnt look like anyone else will.

This ad disturbs me because if Microsoft thinks that the way to distinguish its product is to point out that it has a USB port, a kickstand and a keyboard, if the market that ad is trying to target are the people that would consider those a differentiating factor, then the Surface is destined to fail.

90% of the people who buy iPads either bought it despite those percieved "shortcomings" or they bought it because of them. If you don't understand that, the tablet market will crush you.