Richard D. James

...the whole purpose of me making music is to reorganise/rearrange/modify me into something else, everything you experience affects/changes you / adjusts your chemistry,/makes new connections in yer brain, allows you to notice new things, especially sound and music but sound or vibration is potentially the most powerful influence. When you hear natural sounds, you can feel how it deeply affects you but apart from putting yourself into those situations you are at the mercy of whatever happens in those environments. A good thing about travelling, although I don't really like physically travelling that much. When you make music, or orchestrate natural phenomena you are putting together something that you know or should know is going to rearrange you and change you in a more defined way than if you just went to another country you never went to before, then when you create it and experience it you become what you wanted to be and it feeds back to what you want to become again, its the lushest spiral of creativity and it can be taken much further than music is currently doing [i personally STILL feel like I'm just warming up!], I think with sound alone, you can potentially rearrange all matter and change the way you and others think, if its sequenced correctly. pretty much everyting is vibration. But you have to be open to it.